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Ratchet ass girl

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Sven Yargs k 16 That bitch ratchet cuz! Bitches be like, I ain't ratchet! That bitch is so damn ratchet. Running naked through the woods. Woman unhappy with her nails accused of dragging salon employee with her car.

The song seems to use "ratchet ass" and later "skanky ass" to mean virtually the same thing. Ratchet ass girl. Last edited on Jan 28 Ratchet Ass Champaign shared Rosheen Malloy 's post. Same with twitter, instagram, tumblr, or any other social media outlets. You're a ratchet girl. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? With regard to your question to "when was it first used?

What do she have on? Do not show any usernames. Submitted by milenko57 on Oct 06 Several [sic]s are missing: LoginRegisterLogin instantly with Facebook.

I wonder if it's a variant of raggedyass? It will be saved from deletion if legitimate citations are found. Them rachet fools r nasty.

You so ratchetpeople who work in an orphanage wouldn't take care of your ass.

Ratchet ass girl

Unlike wretched, it's definition does not relate to the use of this new urban word " ratchet " which describes something or someone that is nasty, mean, trifling and without class especially in a social setting or situation.

These ratchet bitches get on my nerves. Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 20 Any form of sexism or insensitivity will not be tolerated.

Censor all profile pictures. Bbw thick milf. You is a ratchet -ass bitch.

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Videos, articles, and other content are welcome. Now that is interesting, and quite a bit earlier than the suggested lates emergence from Shreveport, Louisiana.

Damn get out of here rachett u pussy stanky like tht. Nude black gals pics. Several [sic]s are missing: LoginRegisterLogin instantly with Facebook. This includes public pages.

Censor your own username. Submitted by Collin Niles on Oct 31 She ratchet - her lace front is all wrong! Similar to how we use the term ghetto. Physically elevated "Ratchet bootie" Impressively imposing "Ratchet in my workout pic" I think you should offer a small bounty.

Niall 1 6. There must be some way to see this person claims to be "nice". Ratchet ass girl. I was told by a college girl I should never be ratchet, it completely through me off and I was simply looking at this girl as if she was crazy.

You know, the exact same stuff you're leaning on? Kelly Frickleton is with Tom Quest Mitch. It seems that this expression and "ratchet" would share similar origins. Pics of gabrielle union naked. The word ratchet is all over Twitter. That McDonald's on 8th street is so ratchet. Last edited on Sep 20 Last edited on Apr 08 Ohdoctah July 3 at 6: It all makes sense. The fact that I'm in the line at Save-a-Lot without any money in the bank is ratchet.

A person could say, "It is so ratchet that you won the lottery" and that is positive. BPAC—-you lost a tennis shoe! If so, please try restarting your browser. You so ratchetyou'r mama shoved you back in her ass in regret of ever fucking your dad.

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